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Originally Posted by ATP100 View Post
The next time your string feels dead, or the strings won't go back in place (doesn't matter what kind) put the cheapest hand lotion on them, just enough to get the strings wet, move strings around, realign. You will be surprised.
With the advent of the Steam 99s and all the string chatter, this topic popped back up on my radar.

Honestly, if ATP100 is still here, I'd like to send him a Valentines card and a dozen roses! This trick works incredibly well on the Steam 99s. I tried it out today and on some strings that were about halfway cooked, and I swear to you all that the string bed felt like a fresh string job again (and the strings were once again returning to their normal resting positions). The control and excessive spin returned. This is a fantastic and very cheap idea for this frame. The results lasted for about 90 minutes (one very long tiebreak set) after which I merely applied another small amount to the string bed and played "fresh" once again. This is a really really good find for this frame IMO.

Plus, if you pick your hand lotion carefully, you can smell nice

Also, I did not notice any ill effects on the balls as they don't seen to pick up the lotion, at least not to any significant degree.
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