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Originally Posted by chatt_town View Post
I'm just wondering what will eventually tell Fed it's time to hang them up. Would he stop playing if his ranking fell to say 7 or 8th in the world? As he gets older he is probably going to play fewer tourneys and i would think his ranking would fall. I just wonder would hang around and try to win majors as say the number 8 or 9 guy or would he hang them up because it's an embarrassment to be outside the top 4....or do you all think if he has say 2 or 3 in the next couple of years where he gets put out before the quarters would make him retire.
Fed reminds me of the old boxers, always going on too long. Since you are asking for opinions, I think he'll keep playing long past his prime, he just loves it, I mean he cries when he wins, cries when he loses, that's passion.

Plus he's making a fortune with his sponsors, and he might have a few slams in him. Who knows, maybe he'll remake himself like Agassi and pull out 5 more GS's!
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