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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
One thing I think I'm having some issues with is actually the balance of the stick.

Still haven't dialed in the serve, finding the net a bit too often for my liking generally, and a bit too erratic still on g/strokes.

Yet every now and then I'm ripping one with such effortless zip and spinny heavy raking oomph I'm left gobsmacked, blown away.

So, whilst today I didn't find that 'ball sitting up too much' syndrome or whatever some of were discussing a day or two ago to be such an issue, I am, specially re groundstrokes, aware of this lack of consistency, control, predictability, whatever.

On a wider note, I absolutely accept more time has to be spent adjusting to the quirks of the frame etc. But on a few occasions when I've put my Pure Control in the mix for a few games, it's striking how my serves are suddenly landing in and with more venom, and how my groundstrokes are suddenly transformed into consistent controlled performance.

I don't know... is this balance related?
Ross, I think you're more used to the weight and balance and way of coming through of the swirly.. To me your longtime love, the APD, moves more sluggishly than this Steam... Same for me and my frames. So when I first bit the frame, i couldn't find the box, instead constantly the net. Once I really adjusted to the easier swing - letting the ball drop a tad more to line up my strike, unlike my usual frames where I have to start everything sooner in order to crack it - the serves transformed from uncontrollable to beastly and surprisingly accurate. Play around with toss location, too. But this thing swings so easily, at first it's hard not to always be (too) early to the ball.
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