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Originally Posted by Veninga View Post
Jason, how do they compare?

I had played the former Drive for a while and loved it. The power, the spin and also the feel. But then, my shoulder got sore. Probably as a result of the period I played with a poly in reserve APDC (which is from nature more vibrating imo).

How do the Steam and new APD compare in terms of stiffness and feel? And is the new APD really more arm friendly? Or should I find my power/spin/feel somewhere else, for example TFlash 300 or new F5.0 Tour?

Unfortunately for those who do have arm problems, both racquets are pretty stiff. I notice the stiffness less on the Steam 99S because the sweet spot is go big, it makes hitting a little more comfortable. The new AeroPro Drive does seem to absorb vibrations better than previous models. However, I haven't hit with it long it to be able to give a definite answer.

If you have arm problems have you thought about trying some Volkl racquets? They are pretty arm friendly.

Jason, TW
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