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Yeah, I don't know that you guys knuckleheaded it; Ashaway told me to try 53-55 first, which is around where Torres strung it. But maybe they should be heeded when it comes to their Dynamite stuff.

Ignoring their recommendation, and just going by the stiffness, other lab tests and the few reports we have in, I would string it 2-3 pounds less than I would a full gut job, which means 57 pounds in a mid. But I'll listen to Ashaway and start with 55 in a full job and use that as a reference point. I really liked gut/Prince Recoil at 52/50 in a mid. Recoil is about as slippery as ZX but significantly stiffer. So I'm really hoping gut/ZX at 56 will deliver just the combo of spin and zip I'm looking for. We shall see. Must say I'm wary after reading Torres' comments, even though there was a lot that was positive and intriguing in there too. Just not looking forward to hitting with a pizza box
I had the opposite impression regarding tension as the guys who "knuckleheaded" it;

I have no problem controlling a full bed of gut because of the level of pocketing/feel the gut provides. The ZX has that same pocketing/feel, but not quite as much as gut. At the same time, it feels like it has just as much power as gut. My impression was that I would need to string it at 76lbs vs 72lbs for gut in order to control it.

I did not get the boardy feel from it. I actually felt like it made the string bed a lot more forgiving/powerful towards the periphery. I have been using a low powered mid sized 18X20 racket. I hit hard, flat groundies and play aggressive serve-volley tennis.

Maybe the higher tension is why I am getting a different feel from it. This is an interesting string; It falls into a new category of strings.

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