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Hey Lilguy,

I've used both as my main racquet (just switched to the Pro about 2 months ago after using the MP for almost a year), and they feel very similar. Besides the difference in string pattern, which you already know about, the Pro is heavier to swing and will therefore also get you more power. It also generates a nice amount of spin due to the open pattern, which I am enjoying. I noticed that it was much harder to hit it deep with the MP, and that I can get better depth more easily with the Pro. However, if you have the power, the MP will give you a tad more control, even though I am not finding a problem with the Pro either since I am more of a control oriented player (hence my switch).

The additional weight for the Pro also helps on the serve if you can come through just as quickly, as the Pro is a nice serving racquet. I've heard others compare it to the PDR on the serve.

As far as comfort goes, both are very comfortable racquets with pretty much identical feel as far as I'm concerned (accounting for string pattern differences). If you really wanted the MP but at the weight of the Pro, you could easily modify it with lead and get it to play very similarly at a similar weight with the denser string pattern that you want.

Just my thoughts. Hope it helps a little.
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