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Originally Posted by user92626 View Post
You mean you can hit at 2.5/3 but you won't? Or your strokes will break down at anything over 2/3?

If it's the latter than you have no choice. 2/3 in effect is your full strength. LOL.

If it's the first, then think about this. If your opponent is near or slightly less than your level and hits and runs a tad harder than you, who's gonna win? Ha
Good question!

I can hit well over 70%, but the trade off in percentage play isn't worth it in my books. When hitting at 70%, for example lets say I will only miss 1 / 10 shots due to a miss hit or a shank. Hitting at 80% bumps my miss ratio to 2 / 10 shots. My strokes don't break down, as I have fairly technically clean mechanics, but it becomes a matter of how much I'm looking to push my opponent back and go on offence, vs how much I am looking to play more defence. So in short: Yes I do hold back my ground strokes to an acceptable level of "risk."

In your hypothetical situation, it really depends. Hardness of shots really isn't a factor. Very rarely do people literally "blow the ball by me" and the ones that do play Div1 tennis, so that's expected. People at my level (USTA 4.5) just don't hit the ball big enough to bother me. Since you mentioned people below my level, I've never seen a 4.0 hit huge shots. It just doesn't phase me. As for the running harder bit, I don't know how you can run harder then me. My court coverage is pretty darn solid, so speed of my opponent doesn't really come into play either. If my opponent is a "Fast" mover, it just means some good rallies will ensue which I really enjoy. Also, I feel I should add, is that I rarely hit winners. I hit maybe 15 in a 3 set match, not including aces, hence the entire "hardness of shot" theory doesn't really comprehend to well with me.

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