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Originally Posted by Fedex View Post
Even the pensioners were hot.
MILF heaven? Or shall I say GILF...

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The reason for swedish downfall in tennis is

a) lack of courts during indoor season sep - april

b) the tennis schools lack ambition and high performance profil, no try outs, no selection, all should play, no one should lose, good players should not go to elite group etc, tennis should just be play up to age 14, not serious sport....therefore strong athletes dont get challenged in that environment, and go to other sports

c) related to a and b above, not enough practice in terms of hours, a couple of hours per week is not enough when there are kids over the globe that practice 3-4 hours per day

d) homeschooling not allowed by swedish government/dept ed regulations

e) a bit passive people at Swedish tennis association

On the positive side is Good to Great tennis academy founded by Magnus Norman, Kulti, Bergstrom 3 years ago. They have sponsors and majority of swedish top juniors are training there. Ymer brothers for example and the 16 year older brother is ranked top 10 ITF, ang the younger brother top europe 14 U
What did they do before to produce Borg, Edberg, Wilander et al?
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