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Originally Posted by BorisBeckerFan View Post
I don't know what will retire him but in my eyes he's been retired for a long time. I would say since he's been retired since he shortened his take back on the forehand. The last several slams he's won have all been bonuses, icing, etc. What ever he wins in the future is just a punctuation mark on a very good story. This maybe the longest goodbye in sports history. Who knows when he'll hang them up and may do it with an additional slam to boot or 2 to boot. Nadal is still the favorite in my eyes at the French even if he not at full health but if he's off by too much then Fed has as good a chance as any and good a chance at the next 2 Wimbledons. A hard court slam may be a tough ask for him at this point but it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility. It's good for retirees to have a part time job even if they have no financial concerns.
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