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Not much to think about. All rich school districts figured this one out many years ago and are working very hard to persuade kids with August and later birthdays to wait another year before enrolling. They know that older kids have better grades and test results.
Only could partially agree with this statement. The statement is true for average kids. For gifted or kids with higher intelligence, keep them in average classes can lead to boredom and troubles. Smart kids need to learn at their paces or allowed to take more advance, in depth or faster pace classes.

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a ratio between Mental age and Chronological age X 100. For 2 children with the same mental age (ability), the younger one has higher IQ than the other.

Many kids (and tennis kids) are gifted. Many are identified early and take gifted classes. In some school districts, they are allowed to skip a grade or even two. If you have gifted, very smart tennis players, why would you hold them back a grade? The kids will get bored and not challenged.

I have a neighbor who skipped a grade and went to Harvard Med school. I myself also skipped a grade in high school, went to med school and was one of the youngest ones. Still was at the top of my class. Many of us younger students had to help tutoring many older classmates. Neither the Harvard grad neighbor or myself were college athletes. However, I don't believe anyone will do their smart children any favor holding them back for sport success. Average kids might be OK since they might not get bored in not so challenging environment.`

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