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Sorry, I don't know about vids.
A penetrating slice needs to clear the net by about 2', bounce somewhere in NML, then skid off to one side while changing the ball path's direction and speed after bouncing. It can nuetralize most topspin to topspin rallies, IF the slicer can hit passing shots off both sides.
Most top players use a very conti grip, some towards Forehand side, some towards Backhand side of conti. Body needs to be solid, feet closed, aggressively hitting the ball with lots of underspin, and enough pace to be 2' above the net while landing somewhere in NML, the deeper the better usually, except against strong groundstrokers.
Few players use a strong grip for slice. You CAN hit a strong slice shot with an eastern backhand or even SW backhand grip, but it's bounce doesn't seem as different as a topspin stroke, and the opponent doesn't need to vary his prep to return it. Possibly it's because it's hard to slice as hard using a strong grip, which often adds pace to the ball, but not more underspin...which causes the low, off to the side skidding bounce.
Ball speed here is not important because it's the spin that causes the opponent problems. Even against a netperson, ready to volley, and aggressive slice that is low can be a very difficult volley.
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