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Originally Posted by Buford T Justice View Post
What do you mean? I like the plastic tennis bag tag! Lol

I agree.....seems like something about tennis makes a lot of people ultra competitive. I just don't see this in other recreational sports to the same degree. I run and play on a men's baseball team in a league that has quite a number of former pros playing in it. And, I very very rarely ever see any boisterous chest pounding " I think I am better than I am" that tennis seems to be stricken with.


Not once have a heard a guy brag about how many bats he can break! In tennis, it appears a badge of honor to be able to destroy a string bed in 2 hours (I'm not talking about Steam 99S here either). It doesn't make any sense.

The reality is....if you are really really really good at any sport, you are not on a web board or local tennis complex telling people about it (there's no need as its obvious.).
Arnold Schwartzenegger had something similar to say.

"The better you get, the less you run around showing off as a muscle guy. You know, you wear regular shirts-not always trying to show off what you have. You talk less about it. It's like you have a little BMW-you want to race the hell out of this car, because you know it's just going 110. But if you see guys driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, they slide around at 60 on the freeway because they know if they press on that accelerator they are going to go 170. These things are the same in every field."
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