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Originally Posted by Buford T Justice View Post
What do you mean? I like the plastic tennis bag tag! Lol

I agree.....seems like something about tennis makes a lot of people ultra competitive. I just don't see this in other recreational sports to the same degree. I run and play on a men's baseball team in a league that has quite a number of former pros playing in it. And, I very very rarely ever see any boisterous chest pounding " I think I am better than I am" that tennis seems to be stricken with.


Not once have a heard a guy brag about how many bats he can break! In tennis, it appears a badge of honor to be able to destroy a string bed in 2 hours (I'm not talking about Steam 99S here either). It doesn't make any sense.

The reality is....if you are really really really good at any sport, you are not on a web board or local tennis complex telling people about it (there's no need as its obvious.).
Completely agreed.
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