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Not necessarily. I could try to hit like Nadal, and I'd get a ton of topspin and margin for error. But, I would be pushing myself beyond my comfort zone and make a ton of errors from late preparation, shanks, etc. Here's the problem with abbreviating the motion and taking pace off the "topspin volley." You're hitting it with a continental grip. Is it possible to hit topspin with a continental grip? Yes. Is it efficient? No. So, if you don't put any oomph into the "topspin volley" that you're hitting with a continental grip, you're going to hit a weak shot that will be killed.

Anyway, don't take my word for it. Take the word of every single pro and experienced player out there. Your proposal is intriguing. I'm sure it has been tried many times before. If it worked in match play, it would be used. It isn't used. It doesn't work.
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