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Originally Posted by chatt_town View Post
The guy kept acing her wide and up the T at will on the deuce side. there were some times she didn't even get to swing at the ball. My thing is simply if you aren't stepping into the court and on your toes as the ball is tossed you won't get to bounce as you made need to. So how do you all handle court positioning before the point starts in doubles? I'm going to do a little research but I want to know how you all handle it. I could be wrong but I seem to get back a lot more reflex volleys that I don't think I'd get a raquet on if I was facing the server.
What level is this?

I guess I would say you may have to cut your wife a break. If the server is a 4.0 or 4.5 guy who can place his serve, she is going to have a very long night. There are times when the whole match goes by and I barely get a racket on the guy's serve.

All she can do is go into a deep split when the guy tosses. Then try to pick up the ball as it leaves his racket (not as it passes over the net!) and then try to block it back with zero backswing.

Trust me, this is very hard. We ladies do not often get to practice returning a guy's pace and spin, and we often do not know how to slice our returns. I have taken two private lessons that cost $$ solely to learn how to block back guy's serves. And I still don't have the hang of it.

That said, if a guy is acing her, she may need to stand one step closer to try to cut off the serve. If that doesn't work, stand yet another step closer. Sooner or later, he will body serve her. And then she will at least get a racket on the return.
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