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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
Hi Minion,

Can you describe what you didn't like about it? Too stiff and underpowered? Too dead off-center? Also, are you comparing apples to apples? Meaning, are you comparing broken-in PHT to freshly strung PHT? Give us some kind of reference point and we'll see if we can make a recommendation.

Both racquets freshly strung. In my BioMax 200G the result is perfect, i got this explosive pop, plus some very nice pocketing and great control.

With the Prestige S, i found mush less pocketing, and it felt hard to control. It may have been a dodgy string job (on the bottom part of the cap grommet shared hole - the strings were strung over each other instead of next to). It really felt springy, and unless i hit the sweet spot 100%, i had no control.

I'm not a pro, but my timing is pretty good.
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