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It's not that.
The point you are making about racket getting stiff at the time of impact should infact make the shots more powerful.
My problem is that it is not the racket that is stiff,it is the stringbed which feels stiff and strins dont move over each other easily,that's why all the problem while hitting with spin,lack of power,smaller sweetspot,twisting and vibrations etc.
My question is
1. Could the grommets be causing this?I am not blaming HEAD clear grommets generally but mine may be defective.As one knows the strings are never in direct contact with racket frame,they are in contact thrugh the grommets.
2. My strings go completely dead and stiff as soon as I put the dampner on even with a multi(RIP Control 17)at low tension(52 lb).Could this phenomenon be indicating towards any problem with the grommets.
3.Has anyone gone through similar problem found solution by changing the grommets.
My queries are very specific.Guys,please help without digressing.Your help is much appreciated.
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