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Originally Posted by BirdWalkR View Post
Been playing a few matches lately and one thing i noticed is I really don't have any specific mindset when I play. I don't think "I'll get every ball back" or "as soon as i get a soft shot I'l punish it down the line or cross court." Can someone give me some tipson how I should play? I really feel like my strokes themselves are decent (working on improvvements) but a big mental change is what I need I think. A real confidence booster.I dont know much about the ntrp ratings but I guess my skill level is like 3.5 or something like that from what ive seen on the board. I've got a short compact forehand thats very topsin oriented. It tends to be on the loopy side and my faveorite shot is to take the forehand to you the backhand. My backhand is relativley new and stiff and flatter. But when i connect well it has a fair amount of pace and spin. My serve is ehh inconsistant. I lack precise placement and can hit a decent serve i suppose (working on more pace) but im not going to blowing anyone off the court i dont think.. at least not yet! So can someone help me out? Its not that im mentally weak.. its just i i dont have a gameplan to go by. And sometimes i feel lost as what to do out on the court. I feel that i have the potential to play a much better game.. im just not sure what my "weapon" should be
How long have you been playing? As you get better, you'll face tougher opponents which will CAUSE you to develop weapons. It depends on the player. I've seen very weak 3.5s (high UEs) to strong 3.5s that can beat 4.0s on a good day.

Do you have a coach or anything? I think you can invest in that or go to a seminar/camp in your local area.
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