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Default Loose Strings and Overpowered Racquets making people quit too easily..

Please note, I'm not a coach or a pro,

But I see this time and time again where I am. Someone comes in to play, "Hi I'm__________ and I'm new and want to get into tennis for some fun and fitness... "

-they're welcomed to a friendly group
-they start to play
-They launch everything out the court on are bascially forced to just push everything...
-They're too embarrassed to borrow someone elses "properly strung" racquet
- They're too embarrased to keep playing or take up group coaching because of it (or sometimes financial reasons)

- Or they get injured because of their light, stiff racquet they got from their latest local store catologue...

-And the final result is that they never come back

These power technologies are ruining the game, average mary and joe don't want to spend money on restrings and super advanced coaching to use their latest poly setup. - They just want to play and have fun.

I hope one day the companies will realise this and start to make racquets lower powered and more flexible again -- Then people won't have to contantly restring with a poly just to stay in the game...

Any more thoughts?
Yes, we know it's all about the technique. But if your racquet collapses every time you need to add some lead to it...
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