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Default 2013 APD Mods

Hey guys,

I know there are a couple of threads out there on the APD, but I mainly have two questions for the APD users out there.

I'm about 5'10, mainly a baseline player, big serve/FH, versatile with spin and flat shots. Currently use ~12oz IGPMP with BHB7 at 50lbs. Bought the APD for fun (courtesy of Arlihawk), but really enjoying it, and playing better than usual. Currently strung with Head Rip Control @~60lbs.

So I was wondering if anyone had my background experience and if they have any suggestions on what worked best for them?
I'm usually not too keen on straying away from stock, but after hearing about how much better it plays, I figured I have nothing to lose.

Lastly, any string choices out there. I'm a fan of BHB7, but not really sure what tension to go with, considering how i'm used to 50lbs in a prestige. Probably try BHB7 out first, but wondering if there were any suggestions out there.

Thanks all!

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