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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
QSN for aimr (think you've done this?) and others...

Anyone put lead on their 99s?

How much and what locations?

How has this worked out for you and changed things up?

Ross, I have modded it to my usual spec of 345g strung with overgrip and a balance of 32cm. Mods are silicone in the handle (10g) and lead at 3/9 (4 x 6inch) and 12 (4 x 4inch).

It's as solid as any of my other frames at this spec. Swingweight for me still feels like I can bring it around without any trouble and the plow is ample. No vibrations and didn't notice any issue with off centre hits. Spin as expected is more than my 18x20's. balls visually kick up on groundies and for me the power is controlled.

Not sure what you typically swing in terms of spec, but it feels great at this spec for me.
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