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Originally Posted by Pbarrow View Post
So I had a minor arm problem last fall after a long season, combination of tennis and golfers elbow. I changed racquets, did all the recommended rest and rehab exercises past four months and have only played my new Head Extreme Pro 2.0 with all gut at low tension. Just dropped her off for a string job of VS mains and TF Black Code crosses, still at low tension (baby steps). What can I expect for playability, spin and power difference? Wonder if my arm will get sore again?
I found the Extreme 2.0 with full poly to be pillow soft in the sweetspot and and incredibly harsh outside of it. I was adjusting to switching from a single backhand to 2hands and was regularly hitting above or below the sweetspot. It felt great on all my other strokes but on my 2hbh it caused pain in my left hand from 3days of playing with it and lasted 1.5-2weeks. Have never felt this with any other tweener. If your pain starts up again I'd suggest switching to something like a V1.
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