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Default practice technique - wall or play?

i as well as a friend are just starting out in tennis (we are actually enrolled in a college tennis class come march).

for the last week or so we have been just playing rounds every so often to try and get the feel for accuracy, control, and so on, pretty much staying away from using a wall all together

my question is, are we going in the wrong direction in just playing to figure things out, or should we be utilizing the wall more? or should we be doing a little bit of both?

i looked around for a little bit on the forums and saw a few references to using a wall to practice, and found a few videos of how to properly use a wall to practice, but wondered what everyone`s general opinions were.

basically i am asking, how do we practice better? (we have access to basic tennis facilities, but no access to machines if that was to be someones suggestion)

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