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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
I don't think so. Winning and losing keeps them excited about the game. They will never play at the pro level so that is not an issue.

It is only a problem if they lose their temper or cheat or are nasty to others, and that happens sometimes, but not as much in real life as portrayed by anecdotes on this board.
Possibly perhaps. I do know some golfers who can only sustain their interest in golf by betting money so what you say is true for some.

Personally, I will play a sport (e.g. golf, tennis) because I'm interested and excited about them. Otherwise, I won't play them. I don't need an ulterior motive like gambling or the need to win to keep me interested in doing something.

This applies to games and sports though. When it comes to work and career, I'll do something that I don't necessarily thoroughly enjoy simply to bring home a substantially large paycheck (i.e. golden handcuffs). Gotta pay the bills after all and pay off the credit cards after buying all that golf and tennis equipment.
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