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Originally Posted by El Zed View Post
It's rather late so apologies if I don't have the specs handy, but I have a few suggestions for you. First, BHB7 17s work extremely well on this racquet. I recently strung mine at 55M/52C and I couldn't be happier with the combination of power/control/spin. Beyond that, I have added Blu Tack throughout the handle cavity, and feel that this has improved feel immeasurably. Tried it with my 2010 APD and vastly prefer it to the feel of the 2013 without. Indistinguishable otherwise, and now prefer the 2010 version. Beyond that, I have applied a liberal amount of lead from 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock - resulting in a total weight of approximately 12.75 oz. Frankly speaking, it has left my beloved Pro Tours in the distant shade in terms of performance, and is only slightly off in terms of feel. I can get you the actual specs tomorrow, but can't recommend the use of Blu Tack highly enough. In all honesty, the APD below 12 oz was somewhat disappointing to me, now, its a completely different racquet - solid, stable, comfy and devastating from the baseline.
No need for actual specs el zed, I certainly appreciate your comments but i don't think I'll ever get to 12.75 oz haha.

It's good to hear that bhb7 works well, I was wondering what tension would work well, and I certainly don't think it would be 50 for me.

As for weight placement, your lead spanned from 10 all the way to 2?

An I'm not exactly familiar with blu tack, you'll have to enlighten me.
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