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Default Manner in how to toss the ball.

Serving well a month ago but lately I been too irratic with my toss
Sometimes I tend to be a bit to parabolic on my toss from the ad side and have to reach way to far behind my head
I started to bounce the ball with my left hand to set some rhythm and as I get ready to toss I ready to grip the ball with my left index , middle finger and thumb and allow my arm to be neutral so that my palm faces parralel to my body rather than to much upward to the sky nor to much downward to the ground.

This routine has seem to help my serving consistency from the ad side.

On the deuce side ,instead of turning my arm in an externally rotated manner , I rotated my torso clockwise (when view from the top )
This routine sets me up at the exact body position as when I serve from the ad side. However I feel that my release can messed up if I toss using the same fingers. So it feels more comfortable and confident when I palm the ball and release the ball non ice cream style.

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