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Originally Posted by Dgdavid View Post
too late to write up tonight's experience but we won our tournament match comfortably against a good pair and I played good consistent tennis in the first set with the 99S then very aggressive strong tennis with the IG Rad OS in the second (which just plays like a powerful MP version). The main comments from my opponents were that they had more time on my shots in the first set but my shots were much hotter in second.

ps. a real stand out for me with the 99S is the slice backhand. happens to also be the only main weakness of the Rad OS as it happens.
Funny,I have exactly the same conclusion about this racket. Only thing is that for me that is a good thing. I make way to many unforced errors and this racket gives me the margin i needed. Yesterday i played a good 2 hours and felt in control within the point. Before it was basically hit and run. This racket gives me the confidence to wait for the right ball to go for the winner.
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