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I'm all for balance. I like to win. The difference is I won't let winning or losing get in the way of making new friends and enjoying my time playing some quality tennis.

In other words, you will NEVER find me sulking off in a corner or throwing a temper tantrum because my league tennis team lost its matches or didn't make the playoffs.

The fact that I'll make new friends and enjoy my time playing quality tennis with good people means that I've already "won" in something like league tennis.

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And there is a difference between playing tennis and playing league tennis. If I don't care who wins or not then I will just go play pickup tennis with friends. For me to get up early and drive 45 minutes to a match then I do it because I like the camaraderie of being on a team and I want the team to be successful. I wouldn't play on a team that didn't care about winning- in that case I would simply play pickup tennis on the schedule that is convenient for me.

The important thing is balance. Our teams are competitively run and we play the best players as often as they are available while the lower lines will play less. But we also value the social aspect and regularly have 6 courts full for practice nights and have 15 or 16 people going out for drinks afterward. People may be disappointed if they lose a match but they will still going to stick around and cheer on the team even if they lose. This balance has been very successful and twice we have split the team as we have had more and more people want to join. Now we have 3 teams that operate together and it works out great.

But someone who doesn't care about winning in league tennis would likely hate our team. Its just about finding the right team balance for you. Though it sounds like for you then playing flex league would be a better choice overall since you get no benefit out of the league aspect.

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