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I think one of the big detractors is the ability to find people of similar to slightly better skill levels to play together. Once people start to play better, they try to avoid playing with beginners. Everybody wants to play up. Not down.

The Round Robin that Spot runs is a great avenue/format for people to get started. Very social (beer and snacks), ladder type of event. Start low and work your way up. As you get better, you play with better partners and play against better people. Play badly, and you move down to play with lower skilled players. The lower level players also get to know some of the better players on a personal level and become more enticed to become better. Great format that usually has a waiting list to play. The tennis center where they play has also started running simultaneous clinics for the beginner to intermediate levels. So if you can't get into the draw, you can still participate in the evening. Lots of fun

I wish my local tennis center ran events like this.
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