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Originally Posted by Hi I'm Ray View Post
I found the Extreme 2.0 with full poly to be pillow soft in the sweetspot and and incredibly harsh outside of it. I was adjusting to switching from a single backhand to 2hands and was regularly hitting above or below the sweetspot. It felt great on all my other strokes but on my 2hbh it caused pain in my left hand from 3days of playing with it and lasted 1.5-2weeks. Have never felt this with any other tweener. If your pain starts up again I'd suggest switching to something like a V1.
Intersting observation. Did you feel pain in your hand or your wrist or your arm? I probably played about 40 hours total with it strung full gut this winter and never experienced anything but pillow softness. I found myself swinging a little slower which gave me more control and I perhaps rarely missed the (huge) sweetspot. I will pay attention to this when I hit next with the new strings. Thanks.
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