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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
Guess somebody ran a little short on string!
If you think about it, it was more than likely done by someone who ran short on string trying to save every inch they could. They got a demo from TW that either had a string they didn't like or the string broke. It wasn't their racket and they did not want to waste another 400+ inches of string so they made do.

I think it is a good example of why you should not just let anyone string your racket. I've seem worse when someone brought me a Wilson racket with the bottom cross skipped because the mains tied at 6T blocking hole 7T with two strings (or because then ran short.) anyway they tied off the string from 9T on the outside of the frame on the string going from 10T to 6T. The guy said the knot tail got caught on everything and drove him nuts when he would spin the racket.
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