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I was talking about this in my club the other day. 80% of the public are right hand right eye dominant or left hand left eye. 20% of the population are cross dominant. In certain sports cross eye dominance helps such as baseball. I am from Ireland where an Irish sport known as hurling is very popular which is basically like hocky however the ball can be caught and hit in the air. It is played on a field. If you want you can fins a clip on youtube. A study was done on a county team which found that all 30 players in the squad were cross eye dominant. This is like all batters on a baseball team being croos eye dominant. In tennis it helps to be cross eye dominant for the serve and forehand. However, interestingly for me my backhand is the better of my shots. Also, a player may actually change in their dominance over time. If a player is constantly playing a certain sport it is training cross eye dominance and so a persons dominance can change.
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