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Originally Posted by omega4 View Post
Well, to be fair, I think a consumer has already "lost" if he has to rely on a big box store employee on advice as to what to purchase.

I think asking the assistance of most minimum-wage employees at big box stores will generally lead to disaster. While there are exceptions to the rule, they're mostly that - just exceptions.

I ****ed off a guy working at the local sports authority...there was a guy looking at the (pathetic) selection of frames, and the guy at the store gave him the old "buy the lightest frame" BS.

As I was browsing, the customer asked me if I played tennis, and then asked me what I thought. I told him to do the exact opposite of what the store employee told him. The most "player" frame they had was a microgel radical mp..I told him as a beginner the head extreme pro that is also a decent choice, but better yet, go to tennis warehouse or their competitor on the East Coast (frames arrive in a day or 2, only reason I often go there over TW) and get an older closeout frame in the "tweener" category. I named a few frames for him that I knew of that were under $80 (Head LM 4 Prince 03 shark, etc) that SA would charge $90+ for.

He thanked me and left.

I don't think anyone short of a 70 year old needs the power of a 125+ inch granny stick, although I do know some decent players who are able to harness their power effectively, I think it's a poor place to start. If you can learn how to hit a topspin forehand and then choose to try to take advantage of some $200 granny stick, whatever works for you.
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