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Like Ricardo was saying, I also look at frames and so far the best I've seen is the 6.1 95 BLX Amplifeel 2012. Basalt does wonders so that people that used a dampener before don't need it with this frame (to me is the other way around, i.e. if I want to hit with an older Kfactor 6.1 95 or Yonex etc, I have to put a dampener on it now - I usually don't use one and didn't use them in the past either with those older models).

Also what's wrong with a heavier raquet that let's you hit a little slower like Ray says?

Finally when I had tennis elbow I had to lower the tension from 58/56 to 52/50 and could play right way, while now I string the frames at 57/55, all Babolat VS Team 17 (the liveliest and friendliest).
Disclaimer: I'm at best a 4.0 who hits hard and flat and I got a 1HBH, eastern grip most of the times. Are you at least using semi-western? 'Cause that might be helpful as well.

In my mind nothing beats natural gut ($60 strung and I get at least 3 weeks out of each of my 2 hitting rackets, playing almost daily, 2 hours at a time).

Good luck!
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