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Nah...I can't cut her any slack in this instance for a couple of reasons. She has won at AA-3 playing line 1 doubles. To tell you what level this is. She was playing with a lady that lost in the finals of the us open doubles. The levels go like this(for those not familiar). The lowest I think is C-9(players who basically haven't hit a ball)...all the way up to c-1. Then you have B-9....all the way to B-1...B1 being the highest in B. Then you have A9-...all the way to A-1(most of us I think fit here). Then you have AA-4 3 2 and 1(being the highest level they have) You can run into real tennis pros in any of the AA range. Others that play Alta may give you a better idea of how it is but that's my take on it. I've played and won city finals at A-1 and A-2 mixed. You basically have to be a minimum of 4.5 to play line 1. The problem with most women as is most guys is footwork. I have foot work issues as well at times. My thing is though, I'm not going to start out wrong. Anything may happen during the point and I use bad foot work, but I'm not going to start out facing the fence on the side(that's an exaggeration). The point is I will at least try to start where I can give myself a chance. If you are standing straight up and flat footed I will ace you and I have probably the worst serve in the forum man or You need to have your knees bent and on your toes when the ball goes in the air so you can split step. I will say this...he was hitting his spots on the deuce side. The truth is He may have gotten me a couple of times if I had been on that side...but I would have gotten my raquet on many more of the returns. Don't get me wrong...we broke the guy several times. There were just periods where this would happen. It wasn't the both sets. As far as your first statement...I couldn't agree more. I'm going to copy it and paste it and send it to her...and tell her this is coming from a female. Just so you understand wasn't an issue of whether the "female" should stand there. I think this is the way it should be handled with anyone at the net. Move your feet...not your shoulders.

Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
What level is this?

I guess I would say you may have to cut your wife a break. If the server is a 4.0 or 4.5 guy who can place his serve, she is going to have a very long night. There are times when the whole match goes by and I barely get a racket on the guy's serve.

All she can do is go into a deep split when the guy tosses. Then try to pick up the ball as it leaves his racket (not as it passes over the net!) and then try to block it back with zero backswing.

Trust me, this is very hard. We ladies do not often get to practice returning a guy's pace and spin, and we often do not know how to slice our returns. I have taken two private lessons that cost $$ solely to learn how to block back guy's serves. And I still don't have the hang of it.

That said, if a guy is acing her, she may need to stand one step closer to try to cut off the serve. If that doesn't work, stand yet another step closer. Sooner or later, he will body serve her. And then she will at least get a racket on the return.

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