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Originally Posted by Pbarrow View Post
I agree and will cut it out at the first sign of soreness. I am hoping to keep the sublime feel and touch of the gut but get a little more bite on the ball and dial down the power down just a little. Any other ideas on how to accomplish this if the poly hurts?
-Less dense string beds with natural gut (i.e. I favor 16/18 over 18X20 now). Wilson is even experimented now with a 16X15 with the Steam 99s:

-Thinner gauge for more spin (17 rather then 15/16 in my Babolat VS Team)

-If you could extend its life (starting with a good stringer that pre-stretches and waxes the gut) and to play with it when it has started to play, that's when it bites more into the ball (like Sampras pointed out).
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