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Default 330 vs 310 Yonex VCORE Tour 97

I used for a brief time the 330 version of the VCORE Tour 97. At the beginning I found it perfect but later on a bit heavy. I sent the racket back to TW. Now I dont know if I made the right decision as I had been a bit sick when I struggled with the racket''s weight. Maybe in healthy form I could deal with the weight.
Aty the same time, the 310 is an alternative. Lighter and with less swingweight it should be more maneuvarable. But, some people say it lacks the solidness of the 330 as it has less mass.

So, how do these two rackets compare overall? Please give emphasis in your comparison to plowthrough, control and maneuvarability.

I hope that in the 310 review that is coming out the playtesters compare both rackets.

I am a topspin hitter, with fast swings, looking for control as I like to rip the ball. I am in good form and middle aged. I can not demo because of my living location.

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