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Originally Posted by dman72 View Post
Now, when I tried to hit a topspin forehand with it I hit the ball into the back curtain, but that would take a little more practice to pull off.

I tried to do a J. Mac impression a few months ago, hitting a flat forehand with a continental grip ...and the ball went OVER the curtain.
Since I went back to hitting with this grip, I felt it was hard to keep the ball from flying long; the old habits of using a full western and enjoying a severely closed face at impact sort of annoyed me for a while. It all started to feel more natural after a few hundreds forehands.

I didn't play a lot during last summer, but by the end of the tennis season, I could actually a decent top spin forehand even with a continental grip. Sometimes, I use it when I am stretched out and I pull off a top spin half volley from the baseline with it; if not, I also use it when I am very closed to the net.
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