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About 30 years ago, I was practicing with my girlfriend. It as a warm spring day and we were the only ones on a set of 4 courts that were about 200 yards from the pool. It was the middle of the day and a week say, so their were only a few people at the pool. The courts also were on the side of a hill and elevated above the pool. My girlfriend asked me if she thought it would be OK for her to take off her shirt and play in her bra because she wanted to get a sun tan. She was concerned someone would see her. Of course, I quickly reassured her that no would would be able to tell that it was not a sports bra from the pool or the clubhouse which was also fairly far away. We practiced the next hour with her in a pink sequinced bra. I was distracted and did not play well but could not have cared less. Spring, youth and a beautiful young girl playing tennis in a sexy bra - what more could I want?
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