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Originally Posted by mikeespinmusic View Post
I'm guessing to take advantage of the technology updates?

And Rafa is back and has announced a new model and changes to his personal specs too.

The APD has somewhat got a famous reputation for being THE spin racquet. Wilson's now boasting this claim with their new steam frames with a 16 by 15 string pattern. With out being forced to talk lowly about a competitor - why hasn't Babolat bothered about reducing the amount of strings for more supposed spin?
The news story about Rafa playing with a new model was a journalist watching the Babolat Play&Connect video from Roland Garros last year....and thinking he was switching.

For every advantage, there is a drawback. I.E. tighter string pattern, more control but less spin/power. We find our products offer a nice range of options and balance between the demands of products.

I have not hit with the new Wilson racquets but probably will in the next couple weeks. It sounds like a cool innovation and I'm curious to see how it plays. I've always liked open string patterns (hence playing with Babolat and the Presitge Pro). I'm also curious to see which pro players use it.
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