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Originally Posted by Boricua View Post
So, how do these two rackets compare overall?
If Yonex hadn't delayed the release of the 310g, I would have an answer for you by now. Unfortunately...

My current stick is 320g unstrung (X Force Pro). It is the perfect weight/balance for me. Prior to the X Force Pro, I used the Volkl C 10 Pro. While I loved that frame, over the course of a 3 set match my shoulder would become too fatigued, which is what led me to a slightly lighter frame. I assume the 330g version would result in similar 'shoulder fatigue' as the C 10 Pro, but I still want to hit with it.

My hopes for the 310g is to add 10g (via lead/leather grip/etc.) to bring the weight up, the balance closer to my Pacific, and increase the 'plow through'.

T-20 days and counting...
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