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Default Graphene Revs: Platform sticks for those in-the-knows?

The wife and I have been in the market for new sticks, having used Volkl C10 Pro (her) in the 12+ range, and Volkl Tour 10 Mid (me) in the 13oz range, for the past several years, very happily, I might add. We still like joint-friendly, flexy, heavy (by today's standards), lower powered traditional racquets, but wouldn't mind lighter player sticks as we age.

She tried---and liked--the IG Instinct MP, despite it having a pretty high stiffness rating, which they hide or damp out nicely. I tried and liked the IG Prestige S, but we both wanted to try the Graphene stuff before committing.

Got some demos from TW, including the Speed Rev and Instinct Rev, as the MPs and Pros weren't available. Looking at the specs for the Revs, they have a lot of the hallmarks of being platforms: super light (~9 oz), even to slightly HH balance, and lower flex rating than the MP and Pro models.

In the case of the Instinct Rev, its RA is 59, vs. 70 for the MP, and 72 for the S. Was sure it had to be a typo, but calling TW, they tested three samples, and sure enough, they were 59 or so.

The Speed Rev has an RA of 63, vs 66-68 for the Pro, MP, and S.

The wife liked the Instinct Rev, and I liked the Speed Rev (though not crazy about the PJ...I know, it's a petty concern), but neither of us could use them in stock form. We'd have to add at least 2 oz, and make them much more headlight, via silicone and some lead.

I'm leaning toward the IG Prestige S, with leather and a bit of lead...certainly less than the Speed Rev would require. I clicked better with that than anything else I've tried. The Speed Rev comes close, and is a bit more forgiving.

Any issues adding that much weight and tweaking the balance? Seems that's how most of the pro-stocks start out (not that we're pros, but solid 4.5s).

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