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1. taking all grips off the racket
2. Apply 4 grams centered 7" from the butt and 4 grams just above where the plastic butt cap ends. You can wrap 1/4" wide lead tape around the handle. I usually wrap 1 strip and put the next strip next to it. Or, you can layer them 1 on top of the other but you don't want them to get so thick they impact the grip size.
3. Instead of #2 above, place longer strips of tape running up the handle starting just above the butt cap and going up toward the head. Use a symetrical pattern like 4 grams on each side of the handle pallet and you can use the bevels to apply the strips straigthly. You'll have to work out the math and exact bevel locations to come up with 8 grams. 8 grams is approximately 32" of 1/4 lead tape which is not excessive.
4. Or, combine #2 and #3, maybe 2 grams wraped at 7", 2g wrapped just above butt cap, and 4 grams layered up the handle.

I have used both, and like #2 the best with some at 7" and some about 1.5" just above the butt cap. I like to spread the weight to 2 locations or even longer strips up the handle (#3) rather than have it all packed in at one location like 7" up the pallet.

Another thing to consider is golf shops sometimes have 1/2" wide DOUBLE DENSITY lead tape that weighs 1 gram for 1" length. It is twice as wide as normal 1/4" lead tape and twice a thick so 1" weighs as much as 4" of 1/4 lead tape. I have used this for grip weighting in the past. Be sure it says DOUBLE DENSITY as I have seen 1/2" wide tape that is not 2denisty. With DD 1/2" wide you don't have to use as much as an 8" strip would weigh 8 grams. The big golf retailer that sounds like blacksmith might have it.

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