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they are now using "adipose" or fat derived stem cells which are much cheaper and easier to harvest (just as effective) and often combining it with PRP therapy. It's a 90-minute out patiend procedure and a local Doc here charges $1750 per treatment. at 57 my knees are still doing fairly well, but I have had 3 scopes for meniscus tears and I am think of getting this done for each knee as a preventative or try to make them last longer option.

Unfortunately thsese treatments are not covered by insurance at this time, so it's all out your own pockets
My left knne has started to bother me, saw the Doc who does the knee Stem cell/PRP therapy yesterday and I have some instability and probably another cartilage tear and developing osteoarthritis. I am going to have a the Stem Cell/PRP shot done in the next two weeks. I will report back amd give updates on progress once I have the shot.

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