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Originally Posted by Polaris View Post
gsharma and SLD76, I grew up in India and spent the first 20 years of my life there, so for what it is worth, here is my perspective:

(a) In rural and urban sections of society, where the level of education is low, the situation of women is quite bad. There isn't much revolt because many people - men and women - think that the status quo is just how things have always been and will always be, and they, unfortunately, do not know of a different state of society.

(b) In the more educated families, the situation of women is better. However, deep-seated prejudices linger in many of us, some of them have been passed down unchallenged through the generations via religion, caste, etc. Blind acceptance of these deep-seated prejudices explain stupid utterances like "They should dress conservatively", "They should not go out at night", etc. Sometimes, as when a mother utters this to her child, it is out of genuine worry, but when a police chief claims this as a remedy for the situation, it is distressing to hear.

(c) Unfortunately, it took a ghastly event like the one in Delhi to shake up the people. Even worse, I have been saddened by the response. Instead of carefully looking within ourselves, facing up to our cultural problems, and abandoning regressive and harmful aspects of it, the people have turned rage outward. The mob seems to have taken over, people ask for everything from public hangings to evisceration of the rapists. Unfortunately, making an example of someone by means of brutal punishment isn't the solution.

It is true that law enforcement is lacking, the police are callous, and the politicians are unconcerned. However, the problem is systemic and it will take a hard look at ourselves to address it. These are not just India's problems, but I guess, they exist in much of the developing (and some of the developed) world.
thank you for your honesty.

I agree completely with the bolded. We have a huge problem with frape in the military and we have a victim blaming mentality to a degree as well. Not universally speaking but it is not uncommon.

There is also a huge problem with athletes and **** in college. when you mix hormones, alcohol and entitlement, bad things are bound to happen.

ETA: the immediate response to the outrage may not be the most productive, but I think it was just a primal shout of generations of anger and frustration. Its people like you who can help take that energy and channel it to more positive directions.
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