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2. ADOPT BADMINTON STROKE: this is the most common result, especially for the ladies. The frame is so powerful they adapt their stroke to the frame's performance. They never develop proper form because the frame PUNISHES the trial and error of stroke development with terrible shots. Sure, a player with great form can take a powerful frame and keep their shots in. But we noob rec players don't have perfect form so that extra power is tough to control. This also results in lots of TE since poor form can be as bad as stiff frames and strings for your arm. Guys who stick with these frames tend to simply spend their rec career hitting wildly, pleased with the few spectacular, powerful shots that actually land in (my wife and her friends constantly complain about these guys in mixed doubles).
That depends on the level of badminton.

Me and my wife are both very heavy badminton players (she went to US Jr Nationals) and right of the bat she know she can't use badminton style swings because it would rip her wrist apart (she tried a few shots, hurt like hell, she stopped). We both have a similar issues that we can't hit a forehand but we have serves and overheads that are better than our beginner level (I have been playing for about 8 months, she has played about 1 month). Strange thing is that I have a better OHBH than a forehand :\
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