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Originally Posted by SLD76 View Post
**** is a problem worldwide its true.

but I can walk down the street without fear of being gang ra ped or eve teased.

In one week I read 10 different stories of women aged 5 yrs old to 45 being ra ped and/or gang ra ped, and in 3 of those cases the women(usually the young girls) were also killed.

What about the incident of the woman walking home and attacked in the streets by a mob of men while a news team taped the incident , this was last summer.

I suppose the random protests over the dehli case were imaginary too?

There are about 90,000 r-pes a year reported in the US. 90% of the victims are women, 10% are men (approximate numbers). (and unfortunately collective assault is not an Indian specialty) 99% of the perpetrators are males. The real question is always: which stories the media choose to report and why. There is usually an agenda behind that decision. (no doubt the Indian stories you mention are particularly gruesome and tragic in any case).
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