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Originally Posted by SLD76 View Post
I didnt say I approve, but there was talk of one politician advocating giving box cutters and pepper spray. another has advocated armed citizens patrol the streets.

the problem so much is needing new laws I think but just, enforcing the laws already on the books.

the good thing is the problem is getting attention and people are not willing to turn a blind eye.

would that that attitude wouldl spread to regions of africa, asia and the USA.
You are forgetting it's India,politicians here will do anything to gain political mileage over there rivals.I don't even pay attention to what they say.

Just few days ago a MUSLIM politician spewed venom and said if Muslims in india get angry they will kill every hindu in sight, do you expect that to be taken seriously?

The problem lies with the people's mentality,the attitude toward girl child in india is appalling.People think girl as an unnecessary burden(more so in rural areas),and then you have the problem of dowry,it's some thing which has gone on for ages,you just can't change this things in a snap.
Rafa is the goat deal with it!!

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