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i guess she was an underachiever on grass, considering she showed such promise there early on. at 19, she reached the wimbledon final in 2001, losing in 3 sets to venus, who was obviously in her prime. she had some bad early losses, like in 2005 to daniilidou. i really thought she was going to win in 2006 but i guess mauresmo was too motivated and too much in henin's head at that time. then, of course, she was shocked in 2007 by bartoli in the semis, although i'm not totally convinced she would have beaten venus in the final that year. she did beat serena in the quarters that year and she did beat both sisters back-to-back at the us open later that year, but i think venus would have still been the champion even if she played henin instead of bartoli. maybe justine wasn't physically sturdy enough to handle the transition from dominating on clay to being successful right away on the grass. i think if she didn't retire, she could have added a few more slams, especially at the french open, but 15 is pushing it. with regards to her hard court results, i feel she did just about right because even in her prime, she was vulnerable there to a power player like sharapova or serena.
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