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Tell Chris Evert to just stop talking?

I think Greg Norman did when he divorced her.

Originally Posted by lcalamar View Post
I really enjoy watching tennis matches and the Li Na Azeranka final was no exception.

however, ESPN announcers are brutally bad.. they don't seem to understand that a match like today's doesn't need manufactured drama.

there were many tense moments where the play and players didn't need endless droning on about. just shut up and let me enjoy the match.

I hate that a player I used to really enjoy (evert), I now can't stand because she just drones on and on and on with absolutely nothing of value to add.

Evert may be the worst but this seems to be ESPN's style, always trying to manufacture drama and ALL of their on air personalities follow this script (except Darren Cahill).

...and stats - just STOP, they don't add any value, I am watching the match I don't need to have stats shoved at me constantly.

once again, just let the tennis speak for itself...

what a shame that ESPN got tennis rights, it has really reduced my enjoyment of watching these events.
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